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Duane Schlageter
January 7, 2009
Thank you very much!!!! I have lived with drop foot for 21 years after a medical mistake which left me with a cut sciatic nerve, and with chronic pain like you wouldn't believe.  I was left with the ability to only push with my foot, unable to turn/twist and dorsiflex. I found your Swede-O Step Smart on the internet, went through a therapist to purchase/fit, and my life has turned around 100%.  The pain in my hip and upper leg is totally gone.  I still have phantom pain, but I can handle that mentally.  Your product allows my foot to be planted flat on the ground eliminated the twisting motion of my step that was caused by my injury. After a year of daily use, the only components that have worn out was the "jelly beans" and the lower Velcro strap tore through, but my mother in law sewed me up a repair.  I believe due to the fact that I can push as much with as much force as a regular person can with their foot, this probably puts some extra strain on the overall design.  But it works!!!! Thank you very much for changing my life!