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Footlogics Hockey Plus orthotic

Developed by Australian podiatrists, Footlogics Hockey Plus is a narrow cushioning PU and gel orthotic insole. Not only made perfectly to fit inside tight fitting skates but also great for soccer or rubgy boots. Reg. price $19.95 - currently 25% off!
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Footlogics Hockey Plus Orthotics, specifically designed for ice hockey players. By supporting and cushioning the feet, this unique insole provides both comfort and control. Without proper support the foot collapses, the legs rotate internally, twisting the knees thus decreasing stability. Power transfer and push off become less efficient, reducing control and risk of stress and overuse injuries increase. **

Using Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology (BRT), Hockey Plus re-aligns the feet and prevents excess pronation. The result is improved stability, balance and control. More efficient power transfer makes edging, stopping and push-off more efficient, while reducing fatigue. Plus, cushioning pads in the heel and forefoot makes Footlogics Hockey Plus very comfortable to wear!


  • Developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Soft, cushioning P.U. base with firm T.P.U. plastic outer shell.
  • Comfortable moisture-wicking top layer
  • Longitudinal arch support
  • Polymer gel cushioning pads in heel and forefoot
  • Helps relieve and prevent sports injuries like heel pain, ball of foot pain, achilles tendonitis and Sever's Disease
  • Made in the USA
  • Full-length, suitable for hockey skates and most types of narrow sports shoes


  • Over pronation
  • Flat feet or colapsed arches
  • Narrow sports shoes and skates
  • Balance or stability issues in skates due to poor support and weak ligaments
  • Aching heel arch or foot
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
The easiest way to clean Footlogics is to simply wipe them with a warm soapy cloth. Please, do not soak them or put them in a washer or dryer.
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